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New Normal featured in Palazzo Mora


Venice, 2021

Boir studio participated in the esteemed exhibition "Time Space Existence" with a thought-provoking collection of conceptual tableware called "New Normal."

This collection delves into the profound impact of the coronavirus pandemic on traditional dining rituals, inviting viewers to contemplate the transformative changes brought about by these unprecedented times.

The 5th edition of Time Space Existence presents the works of over two hundred participants from all continents, showcased at Palazzo Bembo, Palazzo Mora, and Giardini della Marinaressa.
Participants question our relationship with space and time, re-envisioning new ways of living and rethinking architecture through a larger lens.

Moreover, the Covid-19 crisis highlights the urgent need of a holistic approach for rethinking and redesigning our relationship with our surroundings, with each other and with all living organisms.

Practitioners are forced to reconsider public and private space and develop new products for our wellbeing. Experimental proposals suggest new ways of living and invite us to reflect upon our existence that is re-defined by a contemporary perception of time and interaction in both virtual and physical spaces.

Conceptual tableware often goes beyond the functional aspect of everyday objects and incorporates artistic and thought-provoking elements. In this case, Studio Boir uses tableware as a medium to express ideas and provoke conversations about the pandemic's influence on our lives.

With the "New Normal" collection, we aimed to challenge established norms and provoke contemplation among viewers. Through unconventional and innovative tableware designs, we sought to disrupt traditional notions of dining and encourage a reimagining of our shared meal experiences in the context of the pandemic.

The collection features innovative and imaginative tableware designs that disrupt traditional notions, prompting viewers to reimagine and question the fundamental aspects of shared meals and communal gatherings.
Boir Studio's conceptual tableware not only addresses the practical considerations of safe dining but also sparks contemplation about the broader implications of our current reality. It invites viewers to reflect on the significance of barriers, both physical and metaphorical, and the inherent human ability to adapt and find ways to connect despite the challenges we face.