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IGNANT Meets BOIR: Crafting Inventions To Highlight The Rich Culinary Culture Of The Mediterranean


Berlin, 2023


We are proud to unveil our collaboration with IGNANT — a prominent online magazine and production company based in Berlin.

Driven by a shared passion for minimalism and a commitment to environmental responsibility, we partnered with IGNANT to undertake a unique transformation of the portable saltwork — the first creation among a series of forthcoming products by the visionaries behind the magazine.

IGNANT went beyond the technical aspects of design to create a spin-off of SAL⊥ that brings materiality, consciousness, and simplicity effortlessly together. The collaborative design — available on Ignant shop page — is packed in an exclusive, elegant case in curly maple wood.

A highly prized material in the design world due to its unique grain patterns and stunning visual appeal, curly maple wood is known for its distinctive curls and waves, versatility, easy shapeability, and resistance. Finished with a clear coat to enhance the beauty of the wood, the IGNANT edition is as adventurous as it is poetic, inviting food enthusiasts to build their condiment while highlighting the refinement and elegance concealed behind its functionality.


This meticulously crafted and Ignant tailored version of our salt container can now be orderd exclusively via Ignant shop. 

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