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Artisan tableware collection that bridges the gap between intimacy and distance, enabling safe food sharing while simultaneously connecting and separating the served dishes.


The New Normal collection explores the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on traditional dining rituals and the future that brings many restrictions to prevent the spread of the infection. With its collection, studio Boir considers how to balance intimacy and safe distance within the context of the “new normal”.


Few things bring people together like sharing a meal. Breaking bread with a family member, a friend or a lover is an act of intimacy and belonging. A communal meal is one of the most important social and cultural acts, with the power to bridge differences and bring people together. Sharing food includes a tactility that is gradually being lost due to social distancing and fear of physical contact.

We wondered what would happen with meals that were traditionally shared among diners, and how restaurants could avoid using large plexiglass barriers that lessen the dining experience. The ritual of sharing bread, cold cuts, bites and dessert is a crucial part of the eating culture, and we wanted to preserve it even in these challenging circumstances. The goal was to achieve a balance between intimacy and safe distance within the context of the “new normal”.


The New Normal tableware is designed to enable safe food sharing between two people; the served dishes are presented as a whole but are separated with subtle protective barriers. The barriers clearly define compartments designated for each diner and prevent physical contact. This is done in a discreet manner that doesn’t diminish the communal dining experience but enhances it by providing a novel way to present and consume food.

The purpose of the barriers is primarily psychological - helping diners temporarily forget their pandemic-induced anxiety and indulge in the dining experience while maintaining a safe distance from one another.


Minimalist, geometrically shaped steel forms ensure both sterility and simplicity, so that the design doesn’t dominate the food, but rather accentuates it. Sculptural rocks reminiscent of a mountain (a natural barrier) represent protection and safety, while unique pieces handcrafted from natural stone fragments soften the stern impression


The New Normal

Dessert for two

A set of tableware that enables the ritual of dessert sharing. Using long spoons, the couple can feed and nurture one another while maintaining a safe distance.

2 x stone plate 12 x 2 cm
2 x long spoon 42 x 4 x 1 cm

Bread basket

A simple form divided by a barrier, allowing for bread consumption without fear of physical contact.

35 x 11 x 13 cm

Platter for two

A circular serving form is symbolically divided in two with a scuptural rock, its shape reminiscent of a mountain – a natural barrier and protector.

32 x 15 cm

Prosciutto rack

A table installation that reinterprets the traditional prosciutto serving plate, offering a novel way to present and consume the delicacy.

26 x 6 x 27 cm

Amuse bouche / Sushi platter

A centrally placed rock subtly separates the two sides of a thin steel platter, where bite-size portions are elegantly served for two.

54 x 11 x 13 - 15 cm