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How to use the SAL⊥?

01 | preparation

Take the ceramic vessel out of the wooden case. Shake the accompanying bottle before opening. Pour a very thin layer of concentrated seawater into the vessel; it should be enough to only just cover the bottom.

02 | evaporation

Expose the vessel to bright sunlight for one hour. Or, in lieu of sunlight, put the ceramic container in an oven set to 100 degrees celsius for 25 - 40 minutes, until crystals begin to appear.

03 | crystals formation

Observe the evaporation process. The unique crystal patterns will start to materialize.

04 | ready for serving

When solidified and dry, place cooled vessel back in its wooden container for serving.

05 | harvesting

Enjoy the intimate ritual of salt harvesting by scraping the crystals with the T-shaped metal tool, reminiscent of those used by traditional sea salt harvesters.

06 | seasoning

Season your meal with the natural Adriatic salt you've just harvested.

07 | care

Wash the vessel and scraper as customary. Wipe the wooden case clean with a soft and dry cloth. Store in a dry place.