Nin 28 Bé° / set of 4 bottles (100 ml)  40 €
concentrated sea water
Nin 28 Bé° is concentrated Adriatic sea water (brine), created during the natural process of evaporation in salt pans at Nin Saltworks - Solana Nin. It contains iodine from the algae which enables proper functioning of the thyroid gland, bromine, that is essential to the nervous system, and potassium, which helps concentration and mental activity. The name comes from Baumé scale, used to measure the density of liquids. 

Witness the precious moments of natural salt harvest at your table. Pour a thin layer of Nin 28 Bé° in a ceramic vessel and create your own little heap of natural salt, enriched with 80 natural minerals and oligoelements from the Adriatic. Every time you pour in the sea water it leaves a different mark on the enamel, due to varied evaporation speed and different salt concentrations within the layer. Every time you get a different natural abstract artwork. Use with SAL⊥ by BOIR.

Ingredients: concentrated sea water
Packaged in amber glass bottle, with a product description label
Size: 4 x 100 ml


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