SAL⊥ is a salt container that lets you witness and experience the precious moment of salt harvesting. A moment so essential and simple, yet so unknown to most of us. SAL⊥ exhibits unique crystal patterns and allows you to harvest your salt in the most authentic way, applying the T-shaped tool reminiscent of those used by traditional sea salt harvesters.

SAL⊥ is simple to use: pour in a thin layer of bottled brine Nin 28 Bé°  that comes with the container, expose it to sunlight for an hour or heat it up in the oven. When the crystal pattern appears, it's ready to be served and harvested with a special metal T-shaped tool.

Watch the unique patterns of white crystals appear against the dark background. Every time you pour in the sea water it leaves a different mark on the enamel, due to varied evaporation speed and different salt concentrations within the layer. Every time you get a different natural abstract artwork.
Serve the vessels with freshly crystalized salt to your guests. Invite them to observe and compare crystal patterns formed in each vessel. Let them enjoy their intimate ritual of salt harvesting by scraping the crystals with the T-shaped metal tool, reminiscent of the one used by traditional sea harvesters.

With SAL⊥ we explore the authentic tastes of the Mediterranean sea salt. Our plan is to map the traditional saltworks across the Mediterranean and add their brine to our collection, so that every user of SAL⊥ can enjoy and compare the authentic tastes of the natural sea salts from different microregions.

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